we need to get organized, make a list of whos a top and whos a bottom

so far on the bottom list we have: grace, alex, jake

on the top list we have: eric?

okay hold on

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even FUCKING prince isn’t acknowledged as a rock star, he’s thrown in the pop category when he can play guitar and hard percussion better with his dick in his sleep than most of these no talent having come up bitches can with a $25 mil contract holding them down. you gon tell me nickleback is gonna get play on a rock station before prince, and thats fair? that’s just? eat my whole ass.

Facts on facts on FACTS.

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players have been suspended entire seasons for smoking pot… 5 games for having sold memorabilia in college prior to joining the nfl… 4 games for using adderall without a prescription… and 2 games for beating your wife so severely you’re on video dragging around her unconscious body and being charged with aggravated assault

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Artist: Unknown5 Seconds of Summer
Title: UnknownAmnesia
Album: Unknown5 Seconds of Summer (Deluxe Edition)
Plays: 444
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what do you think dylan o’brien’s dick looks like?  i accept blueprints plaster molds and dildo replicas

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blackberryshawty replied to your post:

Literally calling someone fat as an insult is beyond lazy and childish

I know like what next lol my eyes are blue my feet are huge my teeth are crooked and my ears are slightly uneven feel free to use those too

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