and since the avril lavigne defense posts are popping up I’m just gonna drop an “it’s an offensive video because it’s a gross bastardization of Japanese culture, no ones telling you hate your fave, they’re telling you to recognize that she absolutely fucked up and needs educated on why the video was bad on like every level” and go to sleep

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bottoms are so important

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country music queens are usually slept on unless they become gay icons like Dolly Parton which sucks because like there are a lot of great female country singers

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like honest to god they’re glorified overhyped bullies

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im literally so over that one sect of tumblr users that are like all carbon copies of the same racist white gay boy with a bad attitude and no real discernible personality or social life like none of you are interesting none of you are funny all of you are annoying and all of you need to grow up bonus points if they have a slur in their url

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oh look another racist white twink with a homogenous personality and a combination narcissism/victim complex how original I’m so in awe at your individuality

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stop flirting with Isaiah he’s mine I already told him we are meant to be together

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for those of you who did not know I am in fact a twin his name is Kaleb we are fraternal twins and I’m better looking than he is and my last name is really triplett so I’m a twin who is a triplett

and it’s as funny now as it has been the near 24 years I’ve been on this earth

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